Nawras is a podium that connect the artists working all over the globe to the art lovers by establishing a bridge trying to show the unique talent on a single platform. We also assist the buyers to reach the affordable art collection and cater the clients, corporate organizations who requires customized work.

For who?

NAWRAS is for all the artists whether amateurs or professionals and art lovers.

How does it work ?

The buyer who is interested in a work makes the payment on NAWRAS Website, and get the delivery on doorstep. The artist receives the payment once the buyer receives the work.

What makes NAWRAS unique?

NAWRAS makes everyone accessible the purchase of art by offering a secure and direct access to artists from all over the world. Transactions are extremely safe to process. We also include the charity section which provides a platform for underprivileged artist to showcase their work.

How much does it cost to sell?

Register and sign in to present as many of your best artworks. We take Rs.3500 for indian artist and 100$ for international artist as a  subscription fees which includes Registration,Membership Certificate and 3d’s for 10 artworks.