Nawras initiated this program to serve the upcoming artists, people who just created art out of interest but never thought of sharing it around with others. So that art lives in each ones heart. Along with all professional artist who would like to have a this platform can sell their artwork with Nawras

We select artist and they further choose which art work they would like to sell. Yet the conformation of any art work is in the hands of selection members of Nawras; who will ensure the quality of artwork uploaded on Nawras, and hold all rights to refuse the artwork if it doesn’t make up to the required standards of Nawras.

An edition is when there are several copies of a work. An edition is the specific number of copies that has been created by the artist before the first sale, and this number will not change. Edition of some artwork is available, but not all.

Authenticity certificate assures that the artwork is product of the artists sole efforts. This assures the originality and uniqueness of the artwork. The authenticity certificate is signed by the artist and issued by Nawras.

Definitely. As per the need of the buyers we will inform you the detail requirement for the artwork. You can work on the project with certain time constrain, and the same will be delivered to the buyers.

Nawras promotes handmade artwork only. We are mainly focusing on wall art such as paintings, 3d texture work, ceramic work, quilling 2d wooden work etc. we are planning to add other artwork such as sculptures and other lifestyle based products. We also have artwork such as Sculptures, Rangoli and other lifestyle based products

As per our terms and conditions we do not promote selling of paintings with exact representation of any living being(animals, birds, humans) in it. Abstract form we may allow. For further clarification you may contact us on our email –

We aim at selling the finished artwork. We leave the decision of framing with the artist themselves. As you are an artist and you know how the painting will look the best. With frame or without frame will do. If required we may suggest you the best option.

Price of the painting is finalized by the artist themselves. Following are the points the artist must consider while finalizing the price. 1) material cost 2) service cost 3) framing and packaging cost.

Artist will fix the price of the painting. Nawras will add shipping cost and over head service cost to get the final cost of the artwork.

Once the painting is sold and delivered to the buyer, we will transfer the amount of the painting to the bank account which you have registered with us.It may take 15 working days to transfer the payment once the painting is sold.

No. We are only the medium through which you can display and sell your artwork online. The artwork will solely belong to the artist.

It is extremely important to take care of image quality of the artwork before adding it to your account.

Nawras will take care of all your artwork uploading and removing as per your requirements. Email us on for the same. You only have to focus on artwork. Once we approve the artwork image it will be displayed online for sell. We may give a suggestion to change the image if it is not up to the mark.

It depends on you. You can keep the artwork for as long as you would like until it is sold. Once it is sold it will appear with “sold” mark on it. You may remove your artwork anytime if you want to.

Once you register on our website, we will email you a detail form. You shall fill the form and send it to along which shall have detail description of each product and yourself. Nawras team will do everything for you. If you wish to make any changes, you can always contact us through email and we shall respond within two working days.

Yes. You can share this URL for promoting your art.

Packaging Details –
Below we have provided few YouTube links for easy and safe packaging.

Paintings are mainly damaged from the corners to avoid this  we encourage you to use Box corners as shown in the video above.

Shree Maruti courier service is our shipping partner. They are prompt, quick & reliable service in 2236 centers all over India.

– Step 1 – We would like you to search the location and address of the Maruti courier service and write the same in the block provided.
– Step 2 – When your art work is sold we will contact the nearest Maruti courier service.
– Step 3- You will have 2 day to pack your artwork and make it ready for shipping.
– Step 4 – the artwork will be submitted to the Maruti courier service office with Nawras tag, delivery address (which we will provide) and with authenticity certificate signed by you.
– Step 5- Maruti courier service will take care of your artwork and deliver it to the buyer.

– Shipping cost depends majorly on size of the artwork {length(Inches) X breath(Inches) X height(Inches)}.
– Presently shipping charges in fixed Rs.250/-, But in future it will changed.

Yes. You have nothing to worry about your artwork.We are providing you with secure shipping and insurance.

We don’t accept paintings from Tutorials. But paintings inspired from Artists are acceptable. Nawras mainly focuses on original handmade artwork.

For international artists, if the painting is sold in India, you shall send it to Nawras address first. We shall make it reach buyer. You will be updated on courier status by email along with tracking details.
Yes we charge Rs.3500 for indian artist and 100$ for international artist as a registration fees on Nawras. The fee includes registration charges, Membership certificate and 3ds of 10 Artworks.If you have more than 10 products you need to pay Rs.100 (2$) per artwork for the 3d’s. If you provide us with 3d’s we wont charge you extra.