Barbara Lenartowicz

Barbara Lenartowicz

Project Description

Firstly I am a wife and mother of three children that gives a lot of inspirations and motivation to be a better person. Secondly, I work with people in HR, which also brings me great satisfaction and allows me to improve my skills and find new development paths. Rest of the time I try to divide into painting, reading books and activities close to nature.
My art is about feelings, emotions, desires without limitations and rules. When I paint, I feel free and calm and I love when I cross my own borders.

Education:- Silesian University, Faculty of Pedagogy, Life Coaching Studies

Achievements:- I consider myself as a person who has great organization skills to manage different parts of my life, my family, my work and my passion which is art and build awareness of myself and my personality.

Exhibitions:– Exhibition in Warsaw 2020 organized by HB Reavis

Project Detail

Skill Needed: Acrylics paints
Category: Artist
Copyright: Bas Lenartowicz

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