Ishrat Ishtiaq

Ishrat Ishtiaq

Project Description

I was born in Karachi, Pakistan, a Fine Artist & Calligrapher by profession and passionate about art. I started painting in 2004. My inspiration is the Abstract Modern Art. I love colours and what i create with them. I mostly admire the work of Sadqain Art, Ismail Gulgee and Salima Hasmi.I have my online studio as well.

I am highly experienced in all types of artistic mediums. I work independently on projects and is committed to achieve visual innovation and beauty. I have excellent organizational skills to complete the projects. I am also involved in video game creation. Art history expert and savvy entrepreneur.

Education:- Bachelor of Art, Karachi University (1997)


  • Modern Art and Ideas Certification by MoMA Museum.
  • Contemporary Art by MoMA Museum
  • MoMA Museum Karachi University
  • Bachelor of Art Karachi Graduated 1997



  • Advanced Technical Drawing skills
  • Abstract Art, Calligraphy, Drawing and Sketching, Art Sales and Marketing, Creative Problem solving, Traditional Painting, Art project Organizer
  • Achievements:-  Modern Art and Ideas Certification by MoMA Museum
  • Contemporary Art Certificate by MoMA Museum

Project Detail

Skill Needed: Acrylics paints
Category: Artist
Copyright: Syeda Ishrat Ashrafi

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