Sudha Prakash

Sudha Prakash

Project Description

I am very keen in painting and I have worked as an Art Teacher. Indeed, my first love has always been nature painting. I am very passionate about capturing the nuances of nature in its various mellow hues. I am a self-taught painter and artist.

I am intensely keen in capturing the beauty of nature whether it be its mountains, trees, cascading waterfalls, lakes, streams or rivers, plants, flowers, foliage and greenery. I love capturing these marvels at their nascent best in as realistic a way as possible which can be achieved by the effect of light, shadows and reflections. I am a self-taught painter and artist . I try to learn something new in every painting.

Education:- Master in English

Exhibitions:-  On 6th Feb 2020, I had a solo painting exhibition in Chitrakala Parishath, karnataka

Project Detail

Skill Needed: Acrylics, Oil paints, etc.
Category: Artist
Copyright: Sudha Prakash

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