How does NAWRAS ensure my privacy and secure my data?

We give extreme priority to our client’s data. All the data shared by the clients will stay just with NAWRAS and we will not share it with any other outsider. The individual data shared will just be utilized to make promotions or upgrade of the NAWRAS app and website only. We don’t store the payment data given by the purchaser during any transaction, for example, CREDIT card, Debit card numbers and so on. Anyway, complete assurance can’t be given of complete security of the data shared by the client if there should be an occurrence of third part intersession. (Refer Privacy policy)

Why the artwork uploaded was removed?

The work of art put together by the artist conflicts with our submission policies and we have total authority to remove it with or without informing the client. NAWRAS doesn’t promote selling or portraits and religious paintings. If you despite everything imagine that work of art shouldn’t have been removed you can get in touch with us on email

For what reason was my gallery blocked?

If your set up gallery is against the policy of NAWRAS we reserve the privilege to block it with or without telling you. It would be ideal if you allude to terms and conditions.

My account has been restricted what would should I do now?

In case your account is restricted, please connect with our customer care assistance on the website and we will respond to you within 24 hrs of the complaint. For any kind of technical issue note that we probably won’t have the option to remove the restriction right away.

Remember we will likely make the art available in an easy way and give the purchaser the extreme fulfillment with our service. If NAWRAS notices that the client is conflicting with the strategies of Nawras then we will have no choice however to restrict the account. It will vary from case to case.

Another client has replicated my work and received credit, can NAWRAS bring it down?

Our submission agreement policy simply forbids the clients from uploading and utilizing some other artist’s pictures without earlier documented consent. If any kind of documented consent is taken from the individual craftsman by the client, Nawras ought to be informed about it before for avoiding any kind of misunderstanding. You must always check the copyright policy for detailed info.

Does NAWRAS claim my work of art?

Nawras terms and conditions clearly express that the artist will exclusively hold all the rights suitable to the artwork whenever. Nawras has no aims to possess the artwork uploaded on our site.