The purpose of the Nawras website is to present the artwork of the SELLERS to the BUYERS. It gives the opportunity to the art lovers to explore and buy the art directly from sellers.

You just need to email us on info@nawrasartist.com

These terms and conditions of the buy and sale process are meant to define its purpose for the ONLINE sale of the artwork uploaded on site. It also defines the sellers and buyers rights and obligations between their relationship.

The sale which shall be made on Nawras website are contracted directly between the seller and buyer. We don’t resell the artwork proposed by the sellers through the site.

Nawras simply acts as a middleman in the context of the provision of  website that allows buyers and sellers to connect. Hence, Nawras is not a party to the contract which shall be concluded between the Buyer and Seller. We just sell artworks and hence are obligated to this only one bound.


It is obligatory to accept the entire general conditions of buying and selling process to conclude the sale agreement by both Buyers and sellers. The acceptance shall be confirmed by ticking on the box that is present on the Artwork order form.


The artwork uploaded on website for sale is subjected to their availability. Every artwork shall contain a short description containing information about its roots, its dimension, its type and thought put in it by the artist behind it. In order to buy an artwork, the user must select the artwork of his/her choice and place it in wishlist finally placing it in cart. Then he/she shall provide personal information to place the order so that Nawras can make the artwork reach to the buyer without delay(register and create an account). Before placing the order the buyer must check all the details of the artwork appearing on the page of the order summary. In case of any mistakes in the item inserted, the buyer shall correct it and read about the delivery cost as well. The buyer shall not be charged for money before the purchase offer has been validated, which shall be done within two days by NAWRAS, in order to make sure the availability of the artwork from the seller. If the artwork is no longer available, an email shall be sent to the buyer within 2 working days in order to get canceled.

The selling price of artwork shall be displayed on website in the currency set by NAWRAS including of all taxes including packaging and delivery charges. The methods of delivery and related cost are shown in the order summary. The delivery and packaging cost shall be included in the Price listed on  website of an Artwork.  The payment done by the buyer of the artwork price to the NAWRAS shall be made by payment services available from NAWRAS: Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Transfer of ownership shall happen as soon as full price is paid by the buyer. If the payment process fails, it shall automatically cancel the sale and the artwork shall be put back on Nawras website for sale.


The artwork shall be delivered at the address provided on the order summary form as per the procedures laid down by NAWRAS policies during the business hours. The buyer must put the address on which he wants the painting to be delivered. Obligations regarding the delivery of order respective to schedules, quality of packaging for the artwork shall be as per the policies of NAWRAS. Accepting of the artwork by our courier service and signing on the received letter by NAWRAS courier service will be meaning that the buyer has accepted the painting completely and the process shall be completed from Nawras side.

In case of any damage to the painting, the buyer must immediately inform NAWRAS through email and photograph of the damaged artwork within 24hrs of the time of delivery in order to return the painting. Otherwise, the painting shall not be accepted for return. Hence once the buyer receives the delivery he/she shall immediately unpack the artwork in order to avoid further problems and check the artwork thoroughly.

NAWRAS will then be responsible for handling the cancellation from the buyer and shall start the process of refund within 30 days following the date on which NAWRAS was informed about the damage by the buyer exercising his/her right of withdrawal. The refund applies to the price of the artwork paid by the buyer on website. The damaged artwork that is returned shall be directed to the seller in case the seller wants it back. The returned artwork which is damaged or distorted by the buyer shall not be accepted, nor refunded, NAWRAS reserves the right to decide at its sole discretion.

No artwork shall be delivered with the option of glass frame on it as it does not abide by the policies of NAWRAS.


NAWRAS acts purely as a middleman between the Seller and Buyer. So it cannot take any guarantee for the artwork being published on NAWRAS website. Whatever information provided by the Seller shall be considered as a whole and sole truth and Nawars is nowhere responsible for the description put about by Seller of his/her artwork. Only thing NAWARS can do is if the artwork is not as per the written description on summary order, then we can refund the money to the buyer by taking the artwork back and send it to the seller within 30 days of buyer informing NAWRAS about the same.


The artist guarantees the authenticity of the artwork and agrees that he/she is the owner of it and do not violate any laws and regulations alter or affect the rights of the third party. The seller shall be committed to protecting NAWRAS and the buyer in case of any action brought by a third party about the owned artwork as part of a commitment to the policies of NAWRAS. Upon the sale of the artwork, the seller assigns to the buyer the material substrate of the artwork and representation rights on the artwork However the seller retains his/her moral rights to recreate the same artwork for future sale.


NAWRAS gathers and retains the seller as well as buyer personal data to ensure proper execution of the above terms. Nawras allows the user the right of access, modification, correction and deleting of his/her personal data processed through website. The personal data provided by the user shall remain safe with NAWRAS and in case of cancellation of the account shall be destroyed no later than six months from the date of cancellation. Nawras reserves the right of the users to retain certain data so that we can justify the best execution of their legal obligations. The stored data shall be limited strictly for the necessary requirement for the operation of the services. Nawras takes the best of efforts to protect the confidentiality of the information provided by the Buyer and the Seller.